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A little humor can inspire a long career trajectory 2

It’s time for another Fun Friday post.  Let’s talk about those motivational posters and billboards…you know what I mean.  I do actually believe that positive motivation (or “brain food” as I call it) is essential to be happy and successful.  For us as individuals and as organizations. But sometimes (too often) these posters for company […]

Trip report: The Challenger Learning Center at San Antonio College 3

Who would love an immersive, interactive, hands-on educational experience about space and STEM?!? Almost every kid and future rocket scientist that I know! Last week I had the great experience of getting a tour and doing an AIAA Engineers as Educators workshop at the Challenger Learning Center at San Antonio College.  This center is part […]

We need more rocket scientists! Watch my welcome video.

You may be wondering–who is this person Brett Hoffstadt? And what is the book How To Be a Rocket Scientist about??

Here is a short video where I say hello and explain why I’m here.  And more importantly, why we need more rocket scientists!! 

Thanks very much for watching!  And thanks for anything you do to make the world a better place with more aerospace achievements or aerospace contibutors!



One of the best rocket science movies is October Sky

I love movies that relate to aerospace and rocket science!  I’m wondering if there is anyone passionate about flight who doesn’t have a movie that has deeply inspired and moved them…. There are several features that make October Sky (which stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Laura Dern) one of the all-time greatest rocket science movies: It […]

Who are women in space? Many right here! 1

There is a lot of concern about the relative lack of women in STEM fields. It is a fact–their representation in STEM careers is far below their proportion in the population.  And it isn’t just women who recognize this is a serious issue that needs to improve. There is a large and growing number of […]

Play like a rocket scientist with Rugged Rovers

For this Fun Friday post, we have another fun rocket science game to share! And it’s free! Rugged Rovers is a mobile app game that is available for Apple and Android.  Here is the link to Rugged Rovers on the Google Play store where you can see some pictures and description. In the game, you […]

UAV demo on Capitol Hill shows the power of drama 2

People from 3D Robotics, a leading company in the UAV and robotics business, were on Capital Hill of the U.S. this week to give a testimony about UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles).  This link from the Washington Post shows a video of the demo, including a minor “crash.” The best presentations you deliver as a rocket […]

What the Google investment in SpaceX means for rocket scientists

Yes, it is exciting news to hear that SpaceX announced it received $1B in funding from Google and Fidelity.  Here is Wired’s article on the news. As I emphasized in Tip #2 in my book (Tip #2: Expand your concept of rocket science), if you want a career in aerospace (AKA rocket science) you need […]

Review and recommendation: Engineer Your Own Success

If you want to be a rocket scientist or aerospace professional, this website is dedicated to helping you. But if you are an engineer looking for more comprehensive career advice, I have another hearty recommendation and great resource for you. Anthony Fasano is a Professional Engineer (PE) who has also become a certified career coach. […]

SciTech 2015 highlights now available from AIAA

Tip #3 in my book How To Be a Rocket Scientist is Associate with people in the field.  Conferences are an exciting, fun, and powerful way to do that.  Earlier this month, AIAA hosted one of its major conferences of the year: SciTech 2015 in Kissimmee, FL. If you missed it, AIAA now has a […]