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Trip report: NASA Johnson Space Center (part 3) 2

This is the last post to share from my family trip to NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.  In Part 1 here I had pictures and account of the main Space Center building, including the secret entrance to the best room in the building!  In Part 2 here I had pictures and an account […]

Trip report: NASA Johnson Space Center (part 2) 1

Continuing with more pictures and accounts of our fun family trip to the NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas…the shuttle ride to the Mission Control Center and peek inside would have been worth the admission price alone.  (For Part 1, please click here.) Big tip for other rocket science travelers–you get to see more […]

Registration for UNDERSTANDING AIRPLANES course in Seattle now open!

I told you about this great opportunity to get some valuable rocket scientist education and insights from a real aerospace engineer and pilot (aka rocket scientist) in this blog post. Registration for the course is now open!  Click the image to go to the course registration site. If you are planning to be at this […]

Vote your support for Lego ISS model! 1

Lego has a proposal (and a design!) from a fan.  If it gets enough votes of support from others then Lego will build it! There are other space craft and space stations under consideration too.  Go to the LEGO site here and cast your vote of support!

Trip report: NASA Johnson Space Center (part 1) 2

I’ve been on the road this past week with the family so it’s been a break from the blog here.  Now I’ve got some great photos and stories to share from our visit to the NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas! It wasn’t just me who wanted to go here…although I was the most […]

Find STEM education resources with STEM is ELEMENTARY NEWSLETTER from Bob Claymier

Many teachers, administrators, parents, or community volunteers want to promote and provide more STEM in our schools.  That’s fantastic!  We need more champions for STEM!  (Just like we need more rocket scientists!) One excellent resource that I found and subscribe to is the STEM Is Elementary newsletter from Bob Claymier.  You can find it online […]

How to work at a company like Terrafugia

Rocket scientists and aerospace engineers can pursue many types of jobs and career paths. There are many different types of companies that employ us. Sometimes, those aerospace engineers decide to create their own companies! On Monday, February 23, 2015, I had the privilege to speak with Richard Gersh at Terrafugia. Richard is currently their Vice […]

Where is the space walker in this photo of the ISS? 2

I got a link to this photo in an article from AIAA’s DailyLaunch newsletter.  (A must-read resource for every future and current rocket scientist, by the way!) Can you find the astronaut space walker?  I don’t think I can!  Do you best and give your answer with a comment below! The article said the […]

Find interviews with UAV leaders at DroneFlo

One of the most exciting and promising sectors in the aerospace industry is unmanned aircraft (or drones or Unmannned Air Vehicles – UAVs). Drone Flo is a website with many exclusive interviews with people taking charge and taking the lead in this rapidly evolving sector.  While we’re throwing out some acronyms, you should know that […]