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NASA summer of innovation

Afterschool STEM programs boost results including NASAs Summer of Innovation program

Thanks to a very powerful (and automatic) Google Alert that I set up, I found out about more powerful after school STEM programs from Ellen Lettvin in the US Department of Education: Engagement, Creativity and Inspiration Found in New Afterschool STEM Programs. One program mentioned here that you definitely should check out is the NASA […]

Let the social media sharing begin! 4

Have you ever come to this site, read a blog post or liked a picture, and wished you had a social network button to quickly and easily pass it along? Now you do! Here are the current choices.  This is your chance to tell me in a comment below if I’m missing one that you […]

social media sharing buttons

Get more rocket science from the JPL NASA Dawn Blog 2

There is another rocket science blog out there on the leading edge of cyberspace…and it’s transmitting the progress of the Dawn spacecraft which recently entered into orbit around Ceres!   Marc Rayman, the Dawn chief engineer and mission director at JPL, is the author of the blog. If you didn’t know, Ceres is a dwarf […]

Visit the Outbound Team and Blog for more insights and inspiration

Whenever I find another person or group who shares my mission to help people succeed with an aerospace career or mission, I love to promote them here.  That’s what I’ll do now with the Outbound team. Here is how the Outbound group describes themselves and their purpose, according to their website: We are an independent […] space travel

1 million cups 1MC San Antonio

Presenting at 1 Million Cups in San Antonio will help you and me

Earlier today I had the wonderful and valuable opportunity to be a presenter at the 1 Million Cups event in San Antonio, Texas: If you aren’t familiar with it, 1 Million Cups (1MC) is a program established by the Kauffman Foundation to build communities by creating a weekly event and forum for entrepreneurs to give […]

Did Elon Musk design an all-electric airplane?

Watch this interview with Elon Musk.  The discussion centers around the first Gigafactory that Tesla is building for its cars.  He makes a compelling claim that the world needs hundreds of Gigafactories.  And then the discussion turns to aerospace and aviation. Musk quotes some numbers that should capture your attention.  It is clear that he […]

Elon Musk the world needs more gigafactories

ShareSpace with John Travolta and Buzz Alrdin

John Travolta and Buzz Aldrin to partner with ShareSpace education initiative

You don’t have to be an astronaut or rocket scientist to make a great contribution in aerospace and STEM education!  Read this article in CollectSpace about a new initiative called ShareSpace which John Travolta and astronaut Buzz Aldrin are partnering on with a launch in 2015.   This is fantastic news for anyone who wants […]