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How to explain rocket science using only the 1,000 most common English words

Everything that can be explained, can be explained simply. Is that really true?!  It’s a nice hypothesis and goal for us all. Randall Munroe, the comic genius behind xkcd comics (and a former rocket scientist!), has explained the Saturn V rocket in an illustration that uses only the most 1,000 common words in the English […]

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Ares rocket launch

How to be a rocket scientist – ready for a new start?

A few months ago, I created a survey to gain insights into the most urgent needs and frustrations of people who have subscribed to this blog.  I thank everyone, once again, who participated in that survey. Some of those people got a follow up email from me to clarify or explain more about their challenges […]

AIAA launches new website and LinkedIn Subgroup for the Diversity Working Group 4

Whether you live in the United States or not, if you study and work in the English language and are pursuing a career in aerospace, you know that it’s a difficult field to enter.  It isn’t easy for anyone, in my honest opinion and experience.  But for many people, there are additional challenges and barriers […]

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Loki Lego balloon

Two girls launch a balloon into space 6

These two girls from Seattle show us, yet again, that being a rocket scientist is not as distant a possibility as you may think!  Awesome project here with their “Loki Lego launcher.”  Enjoy reading the story and watching their inspirational footage. Here is a link to the 7-minute YouTube video: If you want more background, […]