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smarter every day

How did I miss this for so long?!  Another aerospace engineer has been creating amazing videos on YouTube to help people get smarter every day.  Meet Destin from the SmarterEveryDay YouTube channel:

This particular video from 2015 talks about the numerous setbacks that Space-X and other launch vehicles had in 2015 to deliver supplies to the ISS space station.  It has some very valuable and insightful lessons about proper engineering, planning, and safety with regards to rocket science.  Worth watching!

His videos cover a lot more than aerospace, aviation, and rocket science, although that is a popular theme that runs through them.

Tip #7 for how to become a rocket scientist in today’s modern world is to USE FREE AND INFORMAL EDUCATION RESOURCES. Subscribing to high quality YouTube channels like SmarterEveryDay (and then watching his videos!) is a very smart thing to do, no matter what career you pursue.

Here is one more video that I highly recommend.  This is the video that introduced me to his channel.  The innovative magnet technology that you’ll see in this video will make your head spin.  Be sure to watch to the end!

If I had known about this YouTube channel when I wrote the book, I definitely would have included it in there.  Sorry Dustin…awesome job with your videos.  If or when I publish an updated edition of the book you are definitely on my list to include.

In fact, I’m in discussions with some people to create a special edition of How To Be a Rocket Scientist just for their organization.  If you are in a university, company, or institution dedicated to advancing the world’s achievements in aerospace or aviation, we could make it happen too.  Contact me to start the discussion.

To succeed in rocket science, what worked for us in the past will not be enough to work in the years ahead.  That’s true not only for the technical expertise but also with our careers too.  Make the most of free and informal education sources like Dustin’s YouTube channel so you too can be smarter every day.  You’ll be doing what it takes to be a successful rocket scientist!

Thanks for reading and watching.  Upward and onward!

By the way–those rocket launch setbacks are now overshadowed by the historic landing of the Space-X Falcon 9 first stage on a barge that happened on April 8, 2016.  You can watch that exciting video here.

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