Creating a better space exploration future through children’s books – Online event with North Houston Space Society on February 6, 2021

On Saturday, February 6th, 2021, I’m happy and grateful to be the guest speaker for the monthly meeting of the North Houston Space Society.

If you want to learn how books aimed specifically at children can help us achieve a better future with space exploration, I hope you’ll join us.

Go to the space society’s website here and make plans to attend. If you can’t join us live, I’ll hopefully provide a video recording on this blog afterwards.

I plan to offer some giveaways of my books so if you like that opportunity, I look forward to seeing you there.

But wait, you might be thinking. Are there more books than How To Be a Rocket Scientist? YES! They have all been published under pen names or other brand names. They are a variety of coloring books, puzzle and activity books, and two-player game books. They are on topics such as space exploration, SpaceX, planets, and the universe.

This isn’t the time or place to tell you about all of them. If you join this event on February 6th with the North Houston Space Society you’ll get to see them.

North Houston Space Society meeting Feb 6, 2021

I look forward to sharing more at this event!

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Brett creates artful work in engineering, ideas, and innovation. In addition to 2 degrees, 3 patents, and over 15 years experience in aerospace engineering, he is the author of several books to foster STEM careers. He volunteers his time and skills as an officer with professional societies.

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