Engineers Week 2015 is Feb 22-28

The biggest and best week of the year for lots of engineering (and future engineers) is coming up!  February 22-28, 2015 is Engineer’s Week in the U.S.

Engineers Week 2015

Engineers Week 2015

Thousands of events, programs, and activities are happening all around the country.  Whether you are a student, parent, teacher, professional, or retiree there are fun and interesting things to do, see, and learn.

Here are some links and resources to get you started.  Do you have others?  Share them in a comment!  Many major cities have events or non-profit organizations that are organizing big STEM festivals or other special events too.

Here is the AIAA portal for 2015 National Engineers Week.

DiscoverE is the former the National Engineers Week Foundation.  Their website has activities organized by categories to make your search efficient and productive.

Here is the DiscoverE Facebook group.

Let’s point out (again) that rocket science and aerospace has a lot more than engineering and engineers.  We need more than engineers and engineering to make it successful!  But Engineers Week is a fantastic way to give people an introduction or experience with some exciting aspects of aerospace and aviation. Find something in your neighborhood and get involved!

And share any other events or portals that you know about in the comments!


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