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If you live in the Seattle area and want to get a world-class jet blast of airplane knowledge, you are in luck!

Bernardo Malfitano, an aerospace engineer (aka rocket scientist) who works at a Boeing, is the instructor for this course.  I happen to know Bernardo from my Boeing time and he’s an awesome guy.  Talented engineer, private pilot, photo journalist…  The course Understanding Airplanes is starting on April 14th, 2015.  It will be 2 hours every Tuesday evening until June 2nd.  Registration opens on March 15th, 2015. 

Understanding Airplanes course

Understanding Airplanes course

Set your calendar for this date if you live in Seattle and want to create a career in aerospace!

Course Description:

Designed for curious airplane enthusiasts, this course covers the basics of aerodynamics, airplane engines, and airplane structures. We’ll explore all kinds of airplane design features and why they were chosen: from biplanes to jetliners, from bushplanes to fighter jets. After looking at how airplanes evolved over the decades, we’ll talk about exciting experimental technologies currently shaping the airplanes of the future.

Head over to the website to get more info!

Understanding Airplanes course 2015

UPDATE on the cost: Bernardo told me it is $50 to register for the course (to cover room expenses).  Still a great value!  If it was free you wouldn’t appreciate it as much anyway I bet.

Please use the comment boxes here to correct me or ask any questions about the course, and I’ll get answers for you.

Kudos to Bernardo for providing this course!  I hope to hear about it from someone who is fortunate and ambitious enough to attend.  Use a comment box here when the time comes.

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