How to Be a Rocket Scientist, local aerospace, and STEM Education on SASTEMIC Tech City USA Radio Show 2

SASTEMIC Tech City USA Radio Show

On Saturday, May 23rd, 2015, I was honored to be the guest along with Terri Eichholz (Gifted & Talented teacher in Northeast Independent School District) on the SASTEMIC Tech City USA Radio Show, sponsored by Hallmark University.

The focus of the show was how to be a rocket scientist, local aerospace activities, and STEM education in San Antonio.

SASTEMIC Tech City Radio Show

Cliff Zintgraff, Brett Hoffstadt, Terri Eichholz, John Thurman in KLUP 930AM Studio for SASTEMIC Tech City USA Radio Show


After the initial announcements and introductions on the one-hour show, here are the questions and topics we talked about:

What do you do as a rocket scientist?

What classes do you need to take in school for aerospace and rocket science?

Do you need math to be a rocket scientist?

How can you do aerospace or rocket science in the classroom?

What is the Hour Of Code and what grades can participate in the Hour of Code?

What is the Geekbus and what does it do?

What things in the classroom relate to rocket science and aerospace?

How is education changing to prepare students for jobs in the world?

What is the right approach to using technology in the classroom?

How is leadership important as a character trait?

How is service important as a character trait?

What is Codejam and SA codejam?

What is innovation and why is it talked about so much?

How is innovation different from invention?

What kind of innovation is happening in elementary schools?

The example from Terri was about using a 3-d printer in a school.  A girl used the school’s 3-d printer to design and build a part that needed replacement in the school building.

What is an example of “voice and choice” in education?

What are examples of aerospace and aviation in San Antonio, Texas?
Answers: international airport, cyber security, modifications & retrofits, VIP interiors, 3-d printing, suppliers (such as Elevate Systems), Southwest Research Institute.

See this blog post for a long list of aerospace things in San Antonio that are available to students, parents, and teachers.

What is the growth mindset?
Carol Dweck wrote the book Mindset: The New Psychology of Success

How to help kids learn math, and want to learn math?
See YouCubed at Stanford University

What one piece of advice would you give to a student, parent or teacher who wants to do something in aerospace?

I said “pick yourself” to learn more, connect with people, and do something.  (Take initiative!)

Terri said read How To Be a Rocket Scientist.  Thanks Terri!  (That wasn’t a paid plug, in case you are wondering.)

Here are links for our websites mentioned in the show (listen to the show Tech City USA – 5 – 23 – 15 at that link): (you’re on it!)

Thanks again to Cliff Zintgraff of DaVinci Minds, John Thurman of Heart of Texas Realty, SASTEMIC, and everyone associated with the show!  It was a fun and exciting honor to be a guest.  Keep up the fantastic work with promoting and building STEM in San Antonio!


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