Feedback and Surveys

Many people dream or fantasize (or joke) about being rocket scientists.  This website and the book are NOT for them.  A relatively small but special set of people really and truly want to be rocket scientists.  For real.  If that is you, welcome! And cheers to you!

There are going to be many questions, uncertainties, dilemmas, and obstacles on the journey as you strive to be a rocket scientist or aerospace professional…how did this website help answer your question?  And how did it leave you wanting more?

If you were to receive more updates or interactions from the author (that’s me, Brett Hoffstadt) and this website, what form of communication or social media would you prefer?

Your needs and answers are very valuable.  It is also very helpful to know something about you and your background.  (If you are going to do a course correction on a rocket, you need to know the initial conditions before you provide a control input and command signal.)  So please help us both out by answering a few items about yourself, and then use the text field to provide your feedback.  Thanks very much!  I look forward to hearing from you and starting a discussion.

Best regards, Brett Hoffstadt

Thanks for your desire and efforts to be a rocket scientist!

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