Happy Halloween with NASA pumpkins 2

Rocket scientists and other workers at NASA JPL held their annual pumpkin carving contest.  It was awesome in a way that only rocket scientists can deliver.  Check it out by clicking the image below and enjoy more from the NASA pumpkin carving contest. If you are on Twitter, look for #NASApumpkin.  (Look for me there […]

NASApumpkin NASA pumpkin

Pluto New Horizons arrival provides 3 career strategy insights for rocket scientists

After 9 and and half years of interplanetary space travel, the New Horizons spacecraft led by NASA, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab, and Southwest Research Institute has arrived at its primary destination of Pluto! My profound congratulations and admiration goes to everyone involved in the effort.  It takes a special kind of person and effort […]

Pluto photo

NASA interns make great music video All About That Space

Here is a fantastic emotional rocket boost for your Monday morning!  I found out about this music video made by NASA interns from one of the subscribers to this blog.  It’s already going viral in the aerospace and STEM world, so enjoy the video and pass it along!!

There’s a lot of valuable lessons from this video too…for our current industry leaders and for future rocket scientists.  What’s notable to you about this video?

How about any other items that you believe would help someone enter the aerospace field?  Whether it’s inspiration, education, or information…send your favorites my way and we’ll give them a wider audience.


Orion launch delay means we persevere

The first test flight of the Orion capsule had a number of environmental and technical issues that prevented its launch today.  First was a boat in the safety zone (someone thinking they had the perfect spot to watch the launch, no doubt.) Then it was high winds, then a fuel valve that didn’t close as […]

Follow the market as well as your dreams 1

A lot of the advice or habits to be a rocket scientist are the same no matter what industry or profession you pursue.  Assuming you want to be happy, productive, and well compensated… You need to know your strengths and your passions, and be able to communicate these to others.  You also need to understand […]

Orion test launch is tomorrow 3

Tomorrow is a huge milestone event for NASA, Lockheed Martin, everyone involved with the Orion space vehicle, and every rocket science fan.  At 7:05AM Eastern time it will have a test launch from a pad in Florida.  You can watch the live stream event (along with me) here: They have already activated the live […]

More great stories from the CORE4 STEM Expo

This week featured the 5th annual CORE4 STEM Expo in San Antonio, Texas, organized by the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.  CORE4 refers to the 4 subjects that make up STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). One of the keynote speakers for the Latino day was Robert Trevino.  He grew up in a barrio of San […]