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October 15, 2021: The book is in print again!

Despite the permanent account termination from Amazon KDP self-publishing, I have used my own tips (found in the book) to chart another trajectory to book publishing! And now it will be available in even more places than Amazon!

(So there, you tech monopoly monster. Zero help from Jeff Bezos either. You would think a billionaire now dedicated to promoting space exploration with his own rocket company would support a book like mine through his platform. But no, I had to learn how to make a renegade “orbital insertion maneuver” onto his platform from another launching point.)

Anyway, mission accomplished! You can now find and purchase the book as a paperback or ebook on Amazon here.

More outlets will be available in short order. I encourage you to look in other places like Barnes & Noble, Target, Walmart, your local bookstore, or other places where you like to buy books.

UPDATE May 28, 2021:

MAY 28, 2021: Amazon has unilaterally and abruptly removed all of my books from their website due to a claim of ownership violation for two other books I published in December 2020. More information is at my blog post here:

I am actively pursuing options and alternative plans to make my book available again. If you want to be notified when those plans are finalized, please fill out the survey below and you’ll be included in my email list for future updates. Thank you, Brett

How To Be a Rocket Scientist: 10 powerful tips to enter the aerospace field and launch the career of your dreams

It has 10 powerful tips–plus stories and many other tools–to launch the career of your dreams.  Every chapter is full of additional resources, links, and references to put your learning and doing into immediate, practical action today.  A successful career is a journey of many steps and adjustments.  The key is to create a compelling vision, get started on a positive trajectory, and expect to make many course adjustments along the way (just like every rocket or airplane that has flown successfully).

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Thanks for your desire and efforts to be a rocket scientist!

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