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How to be a rocket scientist – ready for a new start?

A few months ago, I created a survey to gain insights into the most urgent needs and frustrations of people who have subscribed to this blog.  I thank everyone, once again, who participated in that survey. Some of those people got a follow up email from me to clarify or explain more about their challenges […]

Ares rocket launch

rocket science survey

A rocket science survey just for you! 2

Dear readers of this blog – let’s try something fun and interactive. I want to ask what you want to learn about from this website and blog.  Rather than ask with a simple blog post, I made a nice survey form with Google Forms.  If you can take just 5 minutes to tell me what […]

Let the social media sharing begin! 4

Have you ever come to this site, read a blog post or liked a picture, and wished you had a social network button to quickly and easily pass it along? Now you do! Here are the current choices.  This is your chance to tell me in a comment below if I’m missing one that you […]

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