A Positive Book Review from the National Space Society

“How to Be a Rocket Scientist” recently received a positive book review from The National Space Society. You can read the entire review here, but I am happy to share some highlights with you now.

Casey Suire, the author and reviewer, noted that I purposefully use a broad definition of “rocket scientist”:

The book uses an extremely broad definition of “rocket science.” Here, anyone who works in aerospace is considered to be a rocket scientist. This even applies to people who work on aircraft and not rockets. For space professionals, Hoffstadt notes that you can qualify as a rocket scientist with such examples as developing food for astronauts or designing sensors that search for Martian life.

Casey Suire, National Space Society

We are living in an exciting era with an abundance of innovative “rocket science” projects happening around the world. The same is true for the PEOPLE involved in this world. The review noted my highlight of Tim Dodd, aka the Everyday Astronaut:

Even YouTube stars can be rocket scientists under his definition. There is Tim Dodd, the former wedding photographer who started the popular YouTube channel Everyday Astronaut. (If you have never watched Everyday Astronaut, please check it out; there are lots of entertaining videos about space and rockets.)

Casey Suire, National Space Society

The Everyday Astronaut YouTube channel is one of my favorites that I have subscribed to. Use that link above to find it and subscribe too.

When you look at the Table of Contents of How To Be a Rocket Scientist, you will see 10 tips for how to be a rocket scientist. Here is the tip that the National Space Society book review found most valuable:

Perhaps the most powerful content in the book can be found under Tip #8: Know how to apply for a job. 

Casey Suire, National Space Society

If you want to know what tips about how to apply for a job in aerospace or aviation they found most powerful, click the link below to read the full book review.

Book Review: How to Be a Rocket Scientist

My big thanks to the National Space Society for giving How To Be a Rocket Scientist a positive review! If you are looking for a way to join an innovative effort in the wide world of “rocket science,” the book for you is found here.

P.S. The National Space Society is the preeminent citizen’s voice on space exploration, development, and settlement. The NSS Vision is “People living and working in thriving communities beyond the Earth, and the use of the vast resources of space for the dramatic betterment of humanity.” That’s a great vision! Bonus tip: If you find and connect with anyone who is a leader in NSS, you should have someone who cares about helping people like you find a way to join the space-focused workforce.

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