SpaceKids Global competition to become a space journalist

There are many pathways to become a “rocket scientist.” One career out there related to rocket science is a space journalist.

How can you become a space journalist if you are a kid 8 to 12 years old?

If you know a child in the USA, the SpaceKids Global organization has a fantastic competition open RIGHT NOW.

Between now and Thursday, June 13th, 2024 at midnight, click below to start the SpaceKids Global Press Squad Entry Form.

Eight winners will receive a paid trip with a parent or legal guardian to tour the Blue Origin space facility in Florida and receive training as a press reporter. Then they will get to conduct interviews of space engineers, designers, managers, and astronauts of a Blue Origin crew!

If scheduling works, these press club members will get to watch live webcast of a Blue Origin rocket launch!

When I spent 20+ years working in the aerospace industry, I was always eager to encourage kids and students to consider a future career in the aerospace or aviation fields. (Eventually I consolidated the best encouragement and advice I could give into my book How To Be a Rocket Scientist.)

A common theme of this book is that opportunities are abundant today for kids and young people to chart their own course into a unique career in the world of rocket science. If you know any kids ages 8 through 12 who already like to be reporters for things happening in the world around them, encourage them to go to the SpaceKids Global competition to be a 2024 Press Club Member.

The deadline is the end of the day on Thursday June 13th, 2024, so spread the word and get to work!

About Brett Rocket Scientist

Brett creates artful work in engineering, ideas, and innovation. In addition to 2 degrees, 3 patents, and over 15 years experience in aerospace engineering, he is the author of several books to foster STEM careers. He volunteers his time and skills as an officer with professional societies.

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