How much do you really want to know about what it takes to become a rocket scientist in today’s world?  Or in the near future?

We still need new “rocket scientists” and aerospace professionals of wide varieties!  But many of the old rules and previous paths don’t work like they used to.  On the positive side, there are many more opportunities and paths to break into the aerospace field than there used to be.  But you have to know how to find them.  Or better yet, make one yourself that is just right for you. Other people have figured that out–in rocket science and in many other career fields.  Why not you?

Do you really want to learn what it takes to be a rocket scientist?  Why not learn from people who have done it, and learn from people who have successfully adapted–even thrived–through the changing economy and workplace.  People who have the perspective of the past, the current conditions, as well as foresight into the future needs and trends.  People who want you to be another rocket scientist with them…if you have the passion, persistence, and positive attitude.

That’s what this website and the book are about.  Keep reading on this page to take the next step.

MAY 28, 2021: Amazon has unilaterally and abruptly removed all of my books from their website due to a claim of ownership violation for two other books I published in December 2020. More information is at my blog post here: https://howtobearocketscientist.com/formal-update-statement-my-books-are-not-available-on-amazon-until-further-notice/

I am actively pursuing options and alternative plans to make my book available again. If you want to be notified when those plans are finalized please subscribe to this blog or fill out one of my surveys. Thank you, Brett

About the author & owner:

Brett Hoffstadt is an experienced aerospace professional with over 20 years of industry experience. His aerospace background comes from a Bachelors of Science in Aeronautical & Astronautical Engineering (BSAAE) from Purdue University, a Masters of Science in Aerospace Engineering (MSAE) from Penn State University, and over 20 years of industry experience with a technical specialization in aerodynamics.  He is also a certified Project Management Professional PMP(c) and Lean Six Sigma Green Belt who loves to work on projects for innovation and complex engineering systems.

As a boy, he always loved airplanes and anything that flew.  When thinking about what career to pursue after high school, it was a question between two passions: airplanes and music.  Being a practical, analytical kid, airplanes won.

That began a long and winding journey in the aerospace engineering field.  After obtaining two degrees in aerospace engineering and working as an engineer for about 15 years, Brett moved into project management.

He is also a passionate advocate and champion for greater representation in STEM subjects and careers (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math).  More accurately, he advocates ESTEAM: Entrepreneurship, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math.  He has also been a trendsetter and creative force in efforts such as 3-d printing, music composing, agile development, and crowdfunding.

Brett has channeled his creative energies into rewarding results: three aviation patents, a published music album, and a broad (although  unpredictable) online presence.  He also has an adventurous personal life with a family and various pets.

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