The power of rapid feedback loops

I am loving the book publishing services through Amazon and CreateSpace!  Even the physical paperback book is possible to tweak and update on a fast and frequent basis.  It is entirely print on demand (POD), so I have zero inventory costs and so does CreateSpace/Amazon.

“You don’t have to be great to get started.  But you have to get started to be great.” — Scott Ginsberg (the Name Tag guy)

Whether it’s control and guidance systems for a multi-million dolllar rocket, or your sales and marketing plan, your job search…the better your feedback loop, the faster you can learn, adjust, and recreate the output that is needed to put yourself on a successful path.

Here’s a corollary to that: if you never get started, you’ll never enter the process of iterating and improving.  I didn’t wait for my book to be perfect!  I planned and expected improvements to be made after it was published.  So I sought out and used a system / platform / infrastructure / process that would allow that.

This POD and DIY capability is so powerful for anyone in the creative arts, like graphic artists, publishers, authors, musicians…don’t leave yourself out of this mentality and capability in your own job and career!  Rocket scientists also need to use the smartest and best methodologies out there to be successful.

How can you build rapid feedback loops into your work?  Your life?  Your work products?  It’s hard for me to think of more important questions than these to put your time and energy into.  Suppose you are spending your time and efforts unproductively or unwisely.  (Don’t we all?!  The tragedy is when we THINK we are doing the right things or headed in the right direction, but we actually aren’t.)  The better your feedback loop, the sooner you’ll know this and then be able to learn how to change your course.

Want more knowledge or understanding on these principles?  Some terms you should know and investigate are PDCA (Plan – Do – Check – Act), kaizen (the practice of continuous improvement), and the OODA Loop (Observe – Orient – Decide – Act).  This is just a teaser here for you.  Curious or interested to learn and do more?  Write a comment here and let’s start a discussion to understand your current conditions and where you want to go.

Upward and onward–with rapid feedback loops!

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Brett creates artful work in aerospace and innovation. He is currently a project manager, author, and speaker. Sometimes he is still an engineer and music composer.

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