Yearly Archives: 2024

SpaceKids Global competition to become a space journalist

There are many pathways to become a “rocket scientist.” One career out there related to rocket science is a space journalist. How can you become a space journalist if you are a kid 8 to 12 years old? If you know a child in the USA, the SpaceKids Global organization has a fantastic competition open […]

We need new time zones for the moon

In case you didn’t hear, NASA has been directed by the US White House to establish a convention for tracking time on the moon. As you imagine our future when we have a permanent human settlement on the moon, life will get confusing quite fast when two lunar explorers are trying to arrange something in […]

A Positive Book Review from the National Space Society

“How to Be a Rocket Scientist” recently received a positive book review from The National Space Society. You can read the entire review here, but I am happy to share some highlights with you now. Casey Suire, the author and reviewer, noted that I purposefully use a broad definition of “rocket scientist”: We are living […]

The Biggest Mistakes When Trying to be a Rocket Scientist

What are the biggest mistakes people make when trying to be a rocket scientist? Let’s make one thing clear. By “rocket scientist” I don’t just mean the stereotypical and precise example of people who work on rocket engines. I mean anyone and everyone who works in a space company. Or people at an aviation company. […]