trip reports

More than a full day at NASA Kennedy Visitor Center

This month, we took a family vacation to Orlando, Florida. It was a great time, despite the brutal heat and humidity. I’m not used to that! Now I live somewhere with dry heat when it’s hot. Anyway, we planned for a full day at NASA Kennedy Space Center. It is roughly an 80-minute drive away […]

My first-hand account of the Alpha rocket launch by Firefly Aerospace 1

OVERVIEW On September 2, 2021, the first rocket from the space exploration startup company Firefly Aerospace made its first attempt at launch. It was the boldest first rocket launch attempt ever in the history of humankind: to go directly into orbit on the very first try with the first rocket engineered and produced by a […]

Why conferences lead to career wins 4

Last week I spent 3 days and nights at a fantastic conference.  I’ll give you some details in a minute. But the incredibly valuable experience inspired me to share some lessons and stories with you here. You’ll soon see why Tip #3 – ASSOCIATE WITH PEOPLE IN THE FIELD – is so important. And why […]

Sacramento aerospace – my new AO! (area of operations) 4

I have big news to share with readers of this blog.  My humble thanks and appreciation for all of you who have subscribed!  You’ll still see this relates to how to be a successful rocket scientist or aerospace engineer, so I hope you’ll learn something interesting too. Times are tough for many people who want […]

Trip report: NASA Johnson Space Center (part 3) 2

This is the last post to share from my family trip to NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.  In Part 1 here I had pictures and account of the main Space Center building, including the secret entrance to the best room in the building!  In Part 2 here I had pictures and an account […]

Trip report: NASA Johnson Space Center (part 2) 1

Continuing with more pictures and accounts of our fun family trip to the NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas…the shuttle ride to the Mission Control Center and peek inside would have been worth the admission price alone.  (For Part 1, please click here.) Big tip for other rocket science travelers–you get to see more […]

Trip report: NASA Johnson Space Center (part 1) 2

I’ve been on the road this past week with the family so it’s been a break from the blog here.  Now I’ve got some great photos and stories to share from our visit to the NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas! It wasn’t just me who wanted to go here…although I was the most […]