Removing friction from communication

Effective communication is essential for aerospace projects.  And this humbitous website.  Real communication is a two-way exchange.  That’s what an open and active dialog of ideas is, and that’s what we need here. So I’ve changed the settings to allow anyone to post comments to the blog posts, whether or not you’ve subscribed.  There is […]

Make your presentations resonate with an epic structure 3

In yesterday’s post we saw a hilarious demonstration of how NOT to use PowerPoint or give presentations.  Maybe you recognize some of yourself or your own presentations in there? What if you could learn from the masters–not just of PowerPoint presentations, but of the best epic tales and speeches in history? Your audience may not […]

Now on Twitter

To be a (successful) rocket scientist, you have to keep up with technology and forms of communication.  I have resisted getting on Twitter…until now. One incident that took me over the decision point was that I wanted to acknowledge and thank the journalist who wrote the article I recommended in my previous blog post here: […]