Be a rocket scientist with a growth mindset

How to be a rocket scientist if you aren’t there yet?  It will take more than facts and knowledge.  It will take the right mindset.  How to be a better or more successful rocket scientist if you’ve already started?  The right mindset!

Carol Dweck is someone you need to know and listen to (or read) if you haven’t yet.  Even if you have, this 11-minute video from one of her TEDx appearances is a must-see.  It is especially inspiring for teachers and parents.

“Let’s not waste anymore lives.”  That means yours!  And any potential future rocket scientist that might be in your midst.  We need more rocket scientists, and a growth mindset will make it happen.  Rocket scientists with a growth mindset is exactly what we need too.

You can buy Carol Dweck’s best-selling book on Amazon here: Mindset: The New Psychology of Success


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