Could writing be your ticket to the Moon? 1

The massive growth of lunar exploration and lunar development efforts make this an exciting time to be alive. It has been 50 years since anyone has walked on the Moon. Those days will be here again this decade!

There is an under-appreciated and under-utilized pathway for people to contribute to these efforts.

There will also be many many debates and dilemmas about our return to the Moon this time. How will the different countries decide who can go where?

When companies or countries want to mine the Moon for resources, how will they claim rights to these resources?

What if military forces establish a base and operations on the Moon?

The same thing that provides an opportunity for people to contribute to any of these efforts is the same method that can influence humanity’s direction on the Moon.

That effort is WRITING.

Yes, the pen (and the computer keyboard) is mightier than the sword.

And I’m going to say it. Regarding humanity’s return to the Moon, the “pen” is mightier than the rocket ship.

Being an effective writer can be your ticket to enter the lunar expansion effort for humanity.

During August, 2022, I gave a webinar for the Pakistani members of MOON VILLAGE ASSOCIATION. A recording of that webinar has just been published on the Moon Village Association website.

Watch this video to learn specific strategies, tactics, and examples of how writing can be your ticket to join our return to the Moon this decade.


Watch until the Q&A discussion portion of the webinar. You will hear from a person in India who did exactly as I recommended. Now he is a full-time writer for multiple media and space outlets!

I know from my web statistics and reader feedback that this blog reaches people around the world. If that is you, you might wonder if this message can apply to you.

Or you might be a non-technical person who still loves space exploration and lunar missions.

You might think you are at a major disadvantage to be a successful writer about lunar missions.

Actually, you have a unique ADVANTAGE. Watch the recording to learn what that is.

Hint: it’s all about your perspective. When you change that, you’ll be excited by the opportunities.

Our perspective as a species is also about to change. When we can look up at the Moon and know that there are people living and working there RIGHT NOW, it will be transformational for us.

Maybe you will help us prepare for that future.

There are many ways you can start. I recommend your first step is to watch that webinar. 🙂

P.S. My big thanks to Rayan and Sarah with Moon Village Association who made this event possible. Thanks to Giuseppe Reibaldi, the President of Moon Village Association, for joining in too!

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