Did Elon Musk design an all-electric airplane?

Elon Musk the world needs more gigafactories

Watch this interview with Elon Musk.  The discussion centers around the first Gigafactory that Tesla is building for its cars.  He makes a compelling claim that the world needs hundreds of Gigafactories.  And then the discussion turns to aerospace and aviation.

Musk quotes some numbers that should capture your attention.  It is clear that he has been putting a lot of thought and work into designing an all-electric airplane.  And not just one type.  Your mind might explode when you hear about one of his concepts!  Watch this to see what I mean.

Elon Musk the world needs more gigafactorieshttp://kirillklip.blogspot.com/2014/11/elon-musk-interview-world-needs-hundres.html

It sounds to me like Elon Musk might want some help to make an all-electric aircraft a reality.  Could that be you someday?  One thing is clear–we still need more rocket scientists!  And aerospace professionals who can create transformational innovations such as those described by Elon Musk in this interview.

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