One of the best rocket science movies is October Sky

I love movies that relate to aerospace and rocket science!  I’m wondering if there is anyone passionate about flight who doesn’t have a movie that has deeply inspired and moved them….

There are several features that make October Sky (which stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Laura Dern) one of the all-time greatest rocket science movies:

It is closely based on a true story (of Homer Hickam, who successfully overcame intense family pressure and social forces to pursue his dream of being a rocket scientist).

It shows that rocket scientists can come from all types of backgrounds–and the most unlikely places.

It shows that you can start learning and doing aerospace from very modest and humble beginnings.

It shows the power of a positive mentor and teacher.

And it had excellent acting.  Chris Cooper, who plays Homer’s father, was tremendous.

Plus I’m sure there are a lot of Jake fans out there…this movie was the start of his big fame and acting success.


All these reasons are why I included October Sky in my book, in Tip #5: Watch a movie about rocket science.

You can find the movie October Sky to buy on Amazon at that link.  The IMDB listing is here.  If you decide to purchase it, use my link and you’ll be vectoring some of the purchase back into promoting more rocket science! 🙂

Curious what the other movies are that I included in my book?  The best way to find out is to read it for yourself!  Although if you haven’t yet, you could also pick Tip #5 as your free chapter if you jump over to that page on my website.  Either way I’ll be happy.

What other movies do you think need to be on the must-see list for rocket scientists?  Use the comment field below to make your recommendation!

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