Preview 3 special perks in the Kickstarter campaign for Goodnight Moon Base

The Kickstarter campaign to make the children’s bedtime book GOODNIGHT MOON BASE a reality will launch on Wednesday, July 7th, 2021.

Besides this crowdfunding campaign being your best opportunity to get your own copy of the book faster, better, and cheaper – it is also your only opportunity to get many special gifts and bonuses that will only be available from this campaign. Here are 3 examples of what you’ll find.

First, every single supporter or backer in this campaign – no matter how much you give (starting at only $5) – will receive a coloring book edition of GOODNIGHT MOON BASE!

This will be a complete version of the book – with all the rhymes and illustrations – in a printable PDF that you can print yourself and give to a child so they can make their moon base into their own creative and unique vision. 

Second, everyone who supports the book at $10 or more will receive their very own PERSONALIZED card that has been sent TO THE EDGE OF SPACE! (And back – delivered right to your address.)  

This awesome and unique gift is yours courtesy of John (JP) Powell, the founder and President of JP Aerospace based near me in Rancho Cordova, California, near Sacramento.

Watch the video and you’ll see me with JP in his shop where they design and build high-altitude balloons that travel up to 100,000 feet. 

The backdrop photo in that image is actually from one of their balloons! This is the real deal. How often do you get the chance to own something that has actually been to the official edge of space? With your name on it, no less?!

I actually helped build one of them for his upcoming launch when I visited his shop. If you want to see a video I made with JP during one of those visits, sign into Kickstarter and follow this campaign so you get to see that video.

Third – and perhaps most special and exciting of all, thanks to the support of people at MOON VILLAGE ASSOCIATION based in Vienna, Austria, supporters who are very generous will be able to schedule their own 1-on-1 video call with an actual moon scientist, space developer, or maybe even an astronaut! 

These people will be Board Members, Advisors, or Officers from Moon Village Association.

If you have a future space pioneer in your family, imagine how special that would be for them to not only receive an autographed hardback copy of Goodnight Moon Base (which you’ll get from many of the support listings, including this one), but also a 1-on-1 video call with someone who is helping us create a permanent settlement on the moon.  

Here are each of those videos. Pick which one you want to watch first. Maybe watch them all. (Each of the others are provided in the video description on YouTube so you can jump to them all easily there.)

GOODNIGHT MOON BASE on Kickstarter – every backer gets a coloring book version!

Your very own card sent to the edge of space – a special perk with GOODNIGHT MOON BASE Kickstarter

A 1-on-1 video call with an actual moon scientist, space developer, or astronaut? Inside here, Yes!

Then, be sure you have created your account on Kickstarter and signed up for notifications for the campaign. We are going to launch on Wednesday, July 7th! The exact time aims to be 8AM Eastern Standard (EST) which is 12:00pm noon UTC. This is 5AM my local time in California, so I’ll have to get up early! Wish me luck for that?

Here’s the page on Kickstarter:

Thanks for watching the videos and thinking about how fun it will be to enjoy these items – or give them as out-of-this-world gifts to a child you know and love.

What about the book itself, you might be wondering?

Yes, that is definitely included in most of the perks! Different formats and editions. But now you have a sample of the special bonuses and perks that are included to make this crowdfunding campaign even more unique and exciting. And there will be others!

Goodnight Moon Base will become a reality by the end of this year. Your best path to get your own copy as soon as possible – along with many special bonuses included – is to join the Kickstarter campaign and be ready for the launch this Wednesday.

I look forward to “seeing” you there.

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