Releasing February 1st, 2022: Goodnight Moon Base children’s book print editions

After more than two years of creation and collaboration, I am thrilled to announce the biggest milestone yet in my mission to inspire our future space explorers:

New Children’s Book With A Clever Twist on a Famous Classic Brings Children to a Moon Base for Bedtime

A popular bedtime story book that many of us remember from our childhood has been re-imagined into the future. With the addition of a single word, “Goodnight Moon Base” is a children’s bedtime book that transports children *to* the moon for bedtime every night.

In 1947, “Goodnight Moon” was first published. Its use of rhythm, rhyme, and repetition was a conscious effort to promote language and cognitive development in infants. For four-and-counting generations, the book has become a special tradition for bedtime in families across the world.

“Goodnight Moon Base” is an inspiring futuristic tribute that has been created by aerospace pioneers, with space exploration pioneers, for future space pioneers. On February 1, 2022, it will be released as a digital eBook, paperback, hardback and as a coloring book edition in paperback format on outlets worldwide, both online and offline.

Inspiring Children to Reach for the Stars

With the unprecedented upsurge in human space flights in recent years due to the dramatic efforts of Elon Musk and SpaceX, along with efforts led by other billionaires and nations, a topic of frequent discussion and debate within the space community is when – not if – humans will return to the moon again. And then, when to Mars?

According to the author of “Goodnight Moon Base,” Brett Hoffstadt, “Ask almost anyone in the aerospace community about their earliest memories of childhood, including myself, and they will probably tell you that they dreamed of exploring above and beyond Earth – to the moon, the planets, and the stars. In thirty to forty years, we will have people living, working and yes – sleeping on the moon. Today these people are babies and toddlers. When we give the gift of these dreams now, we are giving them the dreams they’ll remember as they walk upon the moon as adults.”

Could 2022 be the year that humans again step foot on to the moon? Thanks to “Goodnight Moon Base,” young children can take this journey in their hearts, minds, and dreams tonight in their own bedroom. Will this book prove to have popularity for another 75-plus years like its inspirational namesake? Says Hoffstadt, “It would be wonderful for this book to inspire many future generations. My burning desire is for ‘Goodnight Moon Base’ to provide the inspiration and ‘fuel’ to our future moon settlers so we can make this magnificent future happen sooner!”

An Early Introduction to Space Exploration

Using melodic rhymes that provide a toddler-friendly introduction to science and engineering, children will say “goodnight” to moon scientists and “goodnight” to a moon rover. The creators drew upon their extensive aerospace experience and connections to create the book’s words and illustrations. Hoffstadt’s lifelong hobby as a musician and composer was a unique attribute to create the lyrical words of the book.

Illustrator Steve Tanaka is another aerospace industry veteran with a special talent for art and teaching. Says Tanaka, “Brett and I have a shared goal to encourage children to excel in their education. We believe that through their passion and learning, dreams of space travel and living on the Moon can come to fruition.”

While both men have dedicated many hours to teaching and mentoring adults throughout their careers, the goal of “Goodnight Moon Base” is to create a spark of inspiration so early and so strong that it will influence the trajectory of entire lifetimes. What better age, and better method, then through a child’s earliest memories every night at bedtime?

Praise for Goodnight Moon Base

Praise for “Goodnight Moon Base” is coming from many corners of the space community. One of the first people to learn about the book as it was being created was Michelle Hanlon, a lawyer who specializes in space law. Hanlon is Co-Director of the Center for Air and Space Law at the University of Mississippi as well as the co-Founder and President of For All Moonkind. This is the only organization in the world focused on creating an effective system to manage and preserve our common human heritage in outer space. This includes the very first “bootprint” on the moon made by astronaut Neil Armstrong in 1969.

Hanlon expressed her praise for the book in support of a crowdfunding fundraising campaign for the book in the summer of 2021. “Goodnight Moon Base introduces children to their future – one that is not just beyond the window – but beyond our Earth’s orbit.  It energizes the youngest imaginations and lays the foundation for endless opportunity. Ultimately, it demonstrates in the most mellow and palpable way that the sky cannot be the limit when we have already walked on the Moon.”

Making a Moon Base More Than a Bedtime Story

Readers of “Goodnight Moon Base” learn that humanity’s future on the moon will get a meaningful boost from the book. The author has committed to donating a portion of every proceed to a list of organizations that are dedicated to the permanent, peaceful, and prosperous expansion of humanity beyond Earth. This list includes over a dozen organizations, including For All Moonkind. (The current list is given below and is available on the book’s website.)

For those who know and love the classic bedtime children’s book about the moon, now your bedtime routine can bring children *to* the moon with Goodnight Moon Base. It is avaialble in bookstores worldwide online and offline. To view and purchase it on Amazon please click this Amazon link.

For more information and interior previews, visit

The current list of organizations eligible to receive a donation from book proceeds are the following. Links will take you directly to their websites so you can learn more about them.

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