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Thanks to the folks at jundroo and my daughter’s 5th grade teacher (who mentioned this in her blog) I have a new addictive game to play.  This is real rocket science, and it’s really fun!!  The game is SimpleRockets. It gets 5 out of 5 rocket boosters on the aerospace geek scale.

You get to build your own rocket configurations from a healthy list of components.  There is training that introduces you to fundamental concepts and terms for orbital mechanics, like apogees and retrograde burns.  Then there are a lot of missions that you have to conduct.  Many of them require you to design and build your rocket from scratch, to fit the mission.  I have to say–it’s a blast!! (You probably saw that coming.)

The game is a free app for Apple devices.  For Google play it isn’t unfortunately.  More info and choices here at the game website:

There is also a leaderboard where you can see the top performance of people.  I have no idea how some of those fast times to orbit were achieved…apparently you can build some ridiculously large rocket assemblies.  But from what I can see, the orbital mechanics and physics of the game are excellent.

Let me give a thanks and shout out to the teacher who is another fantastic person to follow for all things STEM, kid-age maker movement, and educational toys.  She is Terri Eichholz, a gifted & talented teacher for kids in grades K-5 in San Antonio, Texas.  If you are a teacher or parent with kids in that age group (or I would add middle school) I enthusiastically recommend you learn from her.  You’ll get more ideas and resources than you can possibly use.  Many channels to choose from:  Engage Their Minds blog, Twitter (@terrieichholz), or Pinterest (terrieichholz).

Screenshot from SimpleRockets

Screenshot from SimpleRockets





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