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Get more rocket science from the JPL NASA Dawn Blog 2

There is another rocket science blog out there on the leading edge of cyberspace…and it’s transmitting the progress of the Dawn spacecraft which recently entered into orbit around Ceres!   Marc Rayman, the Dawn chief engineer and mission director at JPL, is the author of the blog. If you didn’t know, Ceres is a dwarf […]

Listen to The Space Show on Feb 20, 2015 for Brett’s guest appearance

One of the resources I’ve mentioned in the book and on my website is The Space Show with Dr. David Livingston.  (Here is my blog post to promote his 2014 Year in Review show.)  He has produced over 1,000 shows with a tremendous number and quality of guests from many areas of the space world. […]

2014 Year in Review with The Space Show 3

If you would rather listen to a recap and discussion of the year’s major topics in space flight rather than read about them (or you just can’t get enough of the topic), the December 22nd, 2014 issue of The Space Show is available now here for download. The guest with Dr. David Livingston was Tom […]

Listen to book discussion on The Space Show

The Space Show is an awesome audio program with over 1,000 episodes produced at this point.  On Sunday, December 14th, 2014, yours truly had a few minutes to talk about the book How To Be a Rocket Scientist with host Dr. David Livingston. As I mentioned in Tip #7, The Space Show is a very […]