What every rocket scientist needs to know: what color is your parachute?

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If you are looking for a book for advice on aerospace careers, you would probably expect me to recommend the book that I wrote in 2014.

But if you read only one book this year about a career planning and career changing…

You need to read more books!!!

That’s why I want to give my strongest recommendation for another book that I believe everyone and anyone who needs to take a complete evaluation of their career needs to read.

That book is:

What Color Is Your Parachute? 2017: A Practical Manual for Job-Hunters and Career-Changers

what color is your parachute

I thought this was an old book that didn’t apply to our modern economy and my (mature) career phase. It was first published in 1970!  I knew it was a classic. But I didn’t think it would have any relevance and value for me in today’s world.

But then I got the 2015 edition and read it last year (in 2016). The author, Richard Bolles, has done a tremendous and impressive job updating this book every year.

Take a look at the list of chapters In the 2015 edition:

  1. It’s a whole new world for job-hunters
  2. Google is your new resume
  3. There are over 8 million vacancies available each month [not in aerospace, however]
  4. Sixteen tips about interviewing for a job
  5. The six secrets of salary negotiations
  6. What to do when your job-hunt just isn’t working
  7. You need to understand more fully who you are
  8. You get to choose where you work
  9. How to deal with any handicaps you have
  10. Five ways to change careers
  11. How to start your own business

You can see that this is a very comprehensive (and modern) list of topics about career planning and career guidance.

There is also a large set of appendices that cover the following topics:

  1. How to find your mission in life
  2. A crash course for returning vets
  3. How to deal with your feelings when out of work
  4. How to choose a career counselor or career coach

Here is a special deal and promise for readers of my blog.  I believe this book will be so valuable for your own career in aerospace (or any other field) that if you get the book through the links on this page, read it, and don’t agree, I will send you my book at no charge AND include a check for the price you paid for the book What Color Is Your Parachute !  (Using a link on this page goes through my Amazon affiliate account, which doesn’t cost you a penny more but does send some pennies my way through Amazon, which I appreciate.)

Prove me wrong or take your career to new heights!  Figure out what color is your parachute as a rocket scientist with the book What Color Is Your Parachute.

Then, if you are STILL convinced that a career in aerospace or aviation is right for you, that’s when you’ll want to benefit from my book: How To Be a Rocket Scientist. 🙂

I look forward to hearing how What Color Is Your Parachute helps you in your career.  Come back to this post to write a comment below.  Or look for me on LinkedIn, connect with me, and write a note to me there.

Thanks for reading this post.  Take care and take charge in your career!

P.S. This book was was a major factor in my decision to move my career into a new direction. Instead of helping complex aerospace projects succeed in demanding and risky missions, I’m now helping the people who have spent their careers working on these projects (and projects in many other industries) maneuver into a happy, healthy, and secure retirement. For many people, this is the most important and challenging mission of their lives. This is NOT a solicitation for my services. Just a little update for you to know about. Also, I’m on LinkedIn.

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