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Exploring in simulated lunar caves. Launching high altitude balloons. Programming robots and autonomous vehicles. Designing and producing objects with 3-D printers.

This is how advancing careers in space is done with the WEX Foundation, an educational nonprofit based in San Antonio, Texas, that happens to be founded by a sought-after space architect, Sam Ximenes.

The WEX Foundation is one of many institutions in San Antonio that is building a stronger future for space exploration. The WEX Foundation won a major grant from NASA to implement an education program where underserved students build technology useful for human colonization on the moon. One focus is their Lunar Caves Analog Test Sites (LCATS) program  for developing technologies for habitation in lunar caves which have been discovered to exist on the moon. These caves could become habitats for humans due to their natural shielding of radiation from the sun.

XArc Moon Base Concept

WEX Foundation is located at Port San Antonio.

The Port San Antonio campus has become an engine of space-friendly STEM education initiatives. The Port campus is also home to the San Antonio Museum of Science and Technology (SAMSAT) which is a major attraction for families and schools in San Antonio, as well as a partner with the WEX Foundation for many STEM education activities and initiatives.

SAMSAT Cyber Command Room

A Big Part of the San Antonio Space Community

The WEX Foundation also partners with other impactful aerospace-related organizations in San Antonio to help people make advancements in space sciences: The San Antonio College Scobee Challenger Center and Planetarium, Southwest Research Institute, and the University of Texas at San Antonio’s Pre-freshman Engineering Program (SA PREP) and the UTSA College of Engineering are three major examples.

Balloon Launch at Port San Antonio

WEX Foundation advances middle and high school education in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) subjects by integrating space exploration technology with project-based learning. Their ultimate goal is the same dream as mine – to create a robust space technology workforce that will enable people to live on other planets. You can go to the WEX Foundation website here:

As one of the dedicated institutions in San Antonio to foster future STEM professionals, WEX Foundation has reached thousands of kids and families in their community.


A Notable Connection with Space Architecture

It is worth telling you about the founder and visionary behind WEX Foundation. Sam Ximenes is not only the Founder and Board Chair of the Foundation. He is also the owner and chief architect of Exploration Architecture Corporation (XArc). XArc is a leading company to design and build structures on other worlds and here on Earth for space exploration, with spaceport design projects such as Spaceport America and the Houston Spaceport.

XArc Spaceport Design

One of the recent achievements of XArc is to partner with the US Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM) and SpaceX to assess the feasibility of point-to-point transportation on a global scale by using space transportation systems. Imagine a rocket launch to deliver a high-value package from one continent to another! That is one effort with Sam Ximenes and XArc.

If you want to learn more about our future on the moon thanks to space architect firms like XArc and future space scientists that WEX Foundation will foster, watch this TEDx Talk from Sam Ximenes:

Journey to the center of the moon: Sam Ximenes at TEDxSanAntonio 2013

Sam Ximenes TEDx Talk

WEX Foundation to benefit from Goodnight Moon Base

Why am I so enthusiastic about Sam and the WEX Foundation efforts? There are 3 reasons:

  • I met Sam at a 3-Day Startup Weekend event in 2015 and joined his WEX Foundation team during this event.
  • We need to promote and share successful initiatives like the WEX Foundation so that more people can realize their potential in space exploration careers – which will in turn help humanity realize our fullest potential in the universe!
  • The WEX Foundation is the latest organization that can receive proceeds from sales of Goodnight Moon Base! If you want your future purchase of Goodnight Moon Base to help humanity return to the moon in more ways than one, consider the WEX Foundation when the time comes to get your copy of the book.

If you live in San Antonio or know any students in middle or high school there, make sure they know about the WEX Foundation at Port San Antonio.

If you have any architecture projects for space ports on Earth, a moon base, or a Martian base – talk with Sam at Exploration Architecture Corporation (XArc).

Now you have an inspiring look at a bright future in space thanks to the efforts of the WEX Foundation and many other efforts based in San Antonio, Texas. If you can thank this article for introducing you to any of these opportunities, please let me know with a comment below.

Upward and onward! — Brett

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2 thoughts on “Advancing Careers in Space with WEX Foundation in San Antonio, Texas

  • Charles J Gervasi

    I love the notion of people living in caves and in domes on the moon, as in the first picture. I know it will be very costly and difficult, but it compared to LEO it has the virtue of having some raw material present. Also its being farther away from home may have paradoxical benefits.

    • Brett Rocket Scientist Post author

      Thanks for your comment and enthusiasm Charles. I agree with your points. Also, living and working with a little gravity makes long term habitat easier for us in many ways. Let’s hope we have a combination of above-ground and underground habitats!