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One of my favorite sources for information and color commentary on space news is Robert Zimmerman.  You might say colorful commentary–it is safe language for young adults, so I don’t mean colorful in an R-rated sense.  I mean that his personality shows through and he doesn’t hide his true feelings.  He is very passionate and firm about how humans and the US should be pursuing space flight.  If he thinks a company (or NASA) is pursing an inherently flawed mission or business plan, he will say it.  You know how football or sports games have a color commentator to give witty play-by-play analysis and anecdotes?  Robert Zimmerman is like that person but for space flight.

He is a fantastic author who has written many books on the history of spaceflight, which are recognized as world standard references (he leaves commentary out of those and is very objective when he needs to be).  He is very prolific on his blog “Behind the Black” and makes regular media appearances on radio shows and podcasts (those are also very entertaining and informative to listen to).  You will learn a lot from him if you are interested in rocket science, so go forth and learn!  (As for his commentaries and opinions, I would say–and I’m sure he would agree–that everyone needs to make up their own judgment and opinion.  Don’t surrender that responsibility for yourself, even if you are new to the field of rocket science!)


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