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Who has learned how to fly at 200,000 miles per hour?

Anyone who has more than a superficial understanding of aviation and aerospace knows that there are secret or “black” projects. Many iconic aircraft we know about today started as these secret projects – and stayed that way for years, even decades. My favorite is the SR-71 Blackbird. The burning question I like to wonder about […]

Your favorite top sources for space news and commentary?

We are fortunate to be living in exciting times for space exploration. It’s a space exploration renaissance! If you are reading this blog post, you probably love watching or hearing news and commentary about the latest space pursuit efforts. Thanks for making this one of your sources! What are the others? Would they be YouTube […]

From rocket science to drones – this new book on drones is delivering value 2

Hello friends and champions of innovative aerospace career trajectories! If you are paying any attention at all to our world, you know that unmanned aerial systems (UAS) – or drones as they are commonly called – are a revolutionizing our world much like the airplane revolutionized our world in the early 1900’s. We have serious […]

Watch the AIAA SciTech 2016 livestream events here!

Wow!  AIAA with the sponsorship of Airbus are providing five days of live streaming events and programs to anyone who wants to watch them!  This is an incredible value if you want to hear from top leaders and innovators in the aerospace and aviation worlds. Here’s the main page with the agenda of events and […]

SwRI Pluto New Horizons Team on STEM Connection Radio Show

Here is an excellent chance to hear and learn from more rocket scientists!  The New Horizons probe is arriving at its destination of Pluto this month.  It’s another great achievement for planetary science, engineering, and rocket science! This Saturday, July 11th, at 9AM US Central, tune into the Hallmark University STEM Connection radio show with […]

Aerospace jobs in San Diego appear to have serious lift

This May 1st, 2015 article from The San Diego Union-Tribune describes several positive forces and trends for aerospace jobs in the San Diego, California metro area: Aerospace makes comeback in San Diego Southern California has one of the most exciting and remarkable histories when it comes to aerospace and aviation.  Maybe that is the place […]

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Get more rocket science from the JPL NASA Dawn Blog 2

There is another rocket science blog out there on the leading edge of cyberspace…and it’s transmitting the progress of the Dawn spacecraft which recently entered into orbit around Ceres!   Marc Rayman, the Dawn chief engineer and mission director at JPL, is the author of the blog. If you didn’t know, Ceres is a dwarf […] space travel

Visit the Outbound Team and Blog for more insights and inspiration

Whenever I find another person or group who shares my mission to help people succeed with an aerospace career or mission, I love to promote them here.  That’s what I’ll do now with the Outbound team. Here is how the Outbound group describes themselves and their purpose, according to their website: We are an independent […]