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When you subscribe to the weekly space news roundup from Juan Fernandez in Spain, AKA the Curious Astronaut, you’ll learn a lot more than the biggest space news of the past week in a concise and fun-to-read email digest. But that is a great feature of his work that I appreciate!

Every week I learn something interesting that I didn’t know but am glad to learn about what happened this week in space news.

The Space Roundup through Substack is a great example of Tip #7 from How To Be a Rocket Scientist: USE FREE AND INFORMAL EDUCATION RESOURCES.

But this weekly email newsletter from Juan provides another great lesson in today’s world for how to enter the aerospace industry: you can pick yourself!

Juan didn’t need anyone else’s permission or hiring decision to start his weekly news roundup. He interviewed himself and said, “You’re hired!”

I don’t know what his educational and professional background is, but he writes a great weekly newsletter. He doesn’t have to be a traditional or official “rocket scientist” to do that.

That brings me to Tip #2: Expand your concept of rocket science.

There is a whole lot more to rocket science than rocket science experts. It also takes researchers, writers, communicators, website developers, graphic illustrators…

Whatever your particular skills and passions in rocket science are, what if you created a unique newsletter or social media outlet to focus on that? I urge you to seriously consider it.

As a great example and role model, subscribe to the weekly Space Roundup from Juan, the Curious Astronaut. You’ll get an excellent news summary of the biggest space news every week that will take you less time to read than this blog post.

Subscribe here, and think about how you can make your own unique contribution in the world of rocket science:

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