Fun Friday post: a conference call in real life

After a full week of working hard, I always need some comedy relief on Fridays.  So I will start things off this week with a tradition of posting something that uses humor to teach a valuable lesson or tip on how to be a rocket scientist.

This week, let’s talk about phone conferences.  Meetings are a necessary part of work if you are working on a team.  As more people are spread around different geographic sites, some type of virtual communication is required.

Video conferencing, skype, Google hangouts–we have many video conferencing tools available to us now.  Large aerospace corporations who can’t use public or insecure channels due to their proprietary restrictions invest in technologies and services that stay behind secure firewalls.

My own experience proves that video conferencing is FAR more effective and efficient than a normal phone conference.  Despite my best intentions and what I think is very high self-discipline, if I’m on a phone conference I find it nearly impossible to stay focused only on the discussion.  More likely I will start multitasking on my computer to do something else to keep my visual and/or kinesthetic (touching) senses active.

Here is a very funny and popular video about what it’s like to be in a phone conference if everyone was actually in the same room.  Enjoy and heed the warnings!!  Use our modern technology to your advantage!


P.S. – congrats to the Orion team for a successful launch this morning!  I hope the rest of the test flight and splash down are just as productive and successful for you all.


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