Happy Halloween with NASA pumpkins 2

Rocket scientists and other workers at NASA JPL held their annual pumpkin carving contest.  It was awesome in a way that only rocket scientists can deliver.  Check it out by clicking the image below and enjoy more from the NASA pumpkin carving contest. If you are on Twitter, look for #NASApumpkin.  (Look for me there […]

NASApumpkin NASA pumpkin

Finding a way without losing your head

It’s time for another Fun Friday post!  And another anti-successory poster, as I like to call them. To be a successful aerospace professional or rocket scientist, you’ll need to be resourceful, creative, and determined.  You’ll need to be a go-getter.  (This week I just re-read this short and classic book: The Go-Getter: A Story That […]

A little humor can inspire a long career trajectory 2

It’s time for another Fun Friday post.  Let’s talk about those motivational posters and billboards…you know what I mean.  I do actually believe that positive motivation (or “brain food” as I call it) is essential to be happy and successful.  For us as individuals and as organizations. But sometimes (too often) these posters for company […]

Fun Friday: death by powerpoint 3

As engineers and scientists, we deal with complex and technical subjects.  We also need to communicate effectively with others on these topics.  PowerPoint can be a useful tool, but too often it becomes a weapon with collateral damage against your audience.  Here is a hilarious video from stand-up comedian Don McMillan from 2010 about how […]

Fun Friday post: a conference call in real life

After a full week of working hard, I always need some comedy relief on Fridays.  So I will start things off this week with a tradition of posting something that uses humor to teach a valuable lesson or tip on how to be a rocket scientist. This week, let’s talk about phone conferences.  Meetings are […]