How Not to Land an Orbital Rocket Booster (and still be a successful rocket scientist)

The persistent and dedicated people at SpaceX have provided us with many lessons on rocket science in this must-watch video. It proves they also have a healthy sense of humor.

Not only will you learn 11 ways how NOT to land an orbital rocket (by my count), you will learn two other very important lessons:

  1. Rocket science isn’t easy!
  2. The world belongs to those who persevere.

#2 is a quote from one of my heroes, Nathaniel Branden.

As we come up to another Thanksgiving holiday in the United States, let’s give thanks to all of the rocket scientists and aerospace professionals who have persisted to provide us with many marvelous achievements that we enjoy today.

As just one important example, if GPS played a role to help your family gather for this Thanksgiving holiday, you need to thank the rocket scientists who created, launched, and maintain the GPS satellites orbiting our planet Earth at this very moment!

Now enjoy this video from SpaceX that shows – in very dramatic fashion – how not to land an orbital rocket booster.

If you want to know how to be a successful rocket scientist in today’s world, you’ll also want to check out this.

Happy Thanksgiving, and happy rocket landings!

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