When will we see the first baby born in space?

Those who believe that we will NEVER see a baby born in space are, frankly, not very good students of human history. Or human nature.

Humans have an insatiable drive to settle new worlds. And raise families there.

We started with the migration out of Africa hundreds of thousands of years ago.

Then we crossed mountain ranges. And deserts. Then oceans. And Arctic ice sheets.

Eventually we will cross the profound, cosmic abyss of space.

I predict the first baby born in space will be on the moon. The first time a birth happens, we really want to have SOME gravity. I just think it makes the process a lot safer and less risky. And let’s be honest – less messy.

When might that be? If I had to predict it now, writing this in June of 2021, I would put it in the years 2035-2045.

We will need to have a highly functional and reliable moon base established first. The soonest that can happen is in the 2035 timeframe, I predict. More likely it will be 2040-2050.

As some of you reading this should know, my strategy to make this future destiny a reality sooner – and better – is to fill the hearts and minds of children across the world with that vision every night with the book GOODNIGHT MOON BASE.

Goodnight Moon Base cover

If enough people around the globe enthusiastically embrace the vision of a permanent, peaceful, and prosperous moon base, this vision will have to manifest itself into a physical reality.

Back to the question of when we will see the first baby born in space —

Chris Impey, a University Distinguished Professor of Astronomy at the University of Arizona, has written a fantastic article that got republished at The Singularity Hub, a publication of Singularity University.

I encourage everyone who cares about this question to follow the link below and read his article. It has a wealth of information – and plenty of links to learn more – about many efforts currently underway that might lead to the first baby born in space.

One of the ventures Chris describes will probably be the one to do it!

Which one do YOU think it will be? And when?

I hope you’ll come back here to this article and give us your prediction for posterity. I gave you mine. Now it’s your turn!

Here is the article from Chris Impey: When Will the First Baby Be Born in Space?

When Will The First Baby Be Born In Space?

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