Maximizing traffic to a blog (especially this one)

My first guiding principal with this blog is to put out great content.  By great I mean relevant, valuable, interesting, engaging, and fun. As I build a healthy inventory of content (and get more efficient adding more) I am putting more time and attention into the marketing and exposure for the blog. Great content doesn’t […]

One of the best rocket science movies is October Sky

I love movies that relate to aerospace and rocket science!  I’m wondering if there is anyone passionate about flight who doesn’t have a movie that has deeply inspired and moved them…. There are several features that make October Sky (which stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Laura Dern) one of the all-time greatest rocket science movies: It […]

Review and recommendation: Engineer Your Own Success

If you want to be a rocket scientist or aerospace professional, this website is dedicated to helping you. But if you are an engineer looking for more comprehensive career advice, I have another hearty recommendation and great resource for you. Anthony Fasano is a Professional Engineer (PE) who has also become a certified career coach. […]

SciTech 2015 highlights now available from AIAA

Tip #3 in my book How To Be a Rocket Scientist is Associate with people in the field.  Conferences are an exciting, fun, and powerful way to do that.  Earlier this month, AIAA hosted one of its major conferences of the year: SciTech 2015 in Kissimmee, FL. If you missed it, AIAA now has a […]

How To Be a Rocket Scientist paperback coming soon

Dear readers, if you are anticipating or waiting for the availability of a paperback version of “How To Be a Rocket Scientist,” that day will be here soon.  My goal was set to tomorrow (Christmas, 12/25/14) but I’ve had to delay it a few days.  The full cover design and internal editing for quality and […]

new aerospace markets push the envelope of paradox

A subscribers to this blog know, the paperback version of How To Be a Rocket Scientist is in the works.  (And they are thinking about their free bonus gift too.)  The paperback will have additional resources and improvements based on reactions and feedback so far.  Let’s mention three of them here and give more context. […]

Is GoPro an aerospace company? 4

GoPro an aerospace company?  Not now.  Maybe someday.  But before then, they will probably be hiring aerospace engineers!  See the article below which talks about their plans to get into consumer UAVs (I avoid the word drones). As I explain in my book with Tip #2, aerospace (or rocket science) has become much different and […]

rocket scientist book cover

The eBook is out! And it’s FREE through Friday!

The adventure in the field of rocket science and aerospace makes a digital leap forward with the release of the eBook “How To Be a Rocket Scientist.”  To thank and encourage everyone who has played any part in my own journey, I am offering it FREE for the first 5 days! Take advantage of the […]

24 hours until book release!

We are in the home stretch for the release of How To Be a Rocket Scientist!  And I am still learning and adapting… The second iteration of the book is in review now with Amazon’s Kindle publishing service.  I am going to need a third iteration I know already.  The formatting didn’t work as I […]

Now on Twitter

To be a (successful) rocket scientist, you have to keep up with technology and forms of communication.  I have resisted getting on Twitter…until now. One incident that took me over the decision point was that I wanted to acknowledge and thank the journalist who wrote the article I recommended in my previous blog post here: […]