Free career development presentations and videos from AIAA SciTech 2016

SciTech 2016 video

Here comes a valuable and exclusive set of videos and presentations to help you advance your career in aerospace. You will be using two of the tips from How To Be a Rocket Scientist when you click the links below:

Tip #7: Use free and informal education resources

Tip #10: Appreciate and work on the soft skills

As part of the annual SciTech conference from AIAA in 2016 (the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics), there was a track dedicated to career development.  SciTech 2016 was held in San Diego, CA during the first week of January, 2016.

Maybe we got to meet there?  If we missed each other, keep reading and you’ll learn how you can watch my presentation about how to be an intrapreneur.  It received a nice amount of positive feedback from people in the room.

The AIAA Career Workshop was the only career workshop developed for aerospace professionals and students by aerospace professionals. The Communications and Connections for Your Career workshop at was held in conjunction with the 2016 AIAA Science and Technology Forum and Exposition and focused on building blocks for career development including technical writing, presentation skills, entrepreneurship and intrepreneurship, and networking.

For the AIAA webpage with presentations and videos, click here:

For your convenience, here is the list of individual presentations and video recordings. I sat in on these two sessions and highly recommend them if you are looking to improve your technical writing or presentation skills.

PowerPoint presentations from the Technical Writing and Presentation Skills sessions are available for download in PDF format:

Videotaped presentations are available for free! This is an amazing value that I hope you’ll take advantage of:

I was honored and grateful to be a part of Session 3, providing a perspective on thinking and acting like an entrepreneur within an organization (being an intrapreneur). Listening to the other 3 panelists talk about their experiences being an entrepreneur within the aerospace industry was incredibly valuable and insightful.  Take advantage of their stories and insights!  You’ll find my presentation, 7 Keys to Intrapreneurship, from 22:00 to 36:00 in the video for Session 3.

SciTech 2016 video

Nothing compares to going to a conference to meet, interact with, and learn from others in the aerospace field. I realize it isn’t easy or feasible for everyone who wants to go to a conference.  Thanks to the people at AIAA, you can benefit from these career development sessions even if you weren’t able to attend SciTech 2016.  Schedule the time to invest in yourself and your future.

It would be nice to know which presentations or videos you went to first with a comment below.  But more important is for you to commit to doing whatever it takes to be a happy and successful person in the career of your dreams.  We still need more rocket scientists!  But we need them (you) to have the right skills and attitudes to succeed in our dynamic and challenging years ahead.

Thanks for reading this post and for investing in your future success.  Take care, and take charge!

P.S. Are you working at a company and having trouble getting permission or funding to attend a conference?  Click here for a fantastic set of suggestions and tools from the Young Professional Committee of AIAA.

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