How should a rocket scientist use social media?

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Social media have become an integral part of our society. As of mid-2015, there were over 1.4 BILLION ACTIVE USERS on Facebook!  LinkedIn is the dominant social media platform for professionals, with over 360 MILLION active users in early 2015.  Then there is Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube, etc. etc…

Should social media be an essential part of your career strategy and job search as an aerospace professional?

How do you separate your time and your personal brand across different social media platforms?

How should you manage your social media profiles across different platforms–so that you can improve your chances for a successful job or career?  Or at least not sabotage it?

Do aerospace companies actually look at your social media profiles?!?  Do HR people look at them to evaluate you as a candidate?!?

How much should you reveal in your social media profile if you are working in industry? Is it ok to have a social media presence if you are working in the defense industry?

I’m thinking some of these questions would be great to ask some other experts.  What do you think?  Are you curious about any of these questions too?

Please let me know with a comment below!  If you have a burning question about how aerospace professionals should use or manage different social media networks, I will take the action to find someone to talk with and come back here with useful and relevant advice.

In the meantime, thanks for your passion and dedication to rocket science!

About Brett Rocket Scientist

Brett creates artful work in engineering, ideas, and innovation. In addition to 2 degrees, 3 patents, and over 15 years experience in aerospace engineering, he is the author of several books to foster STEM careers. He volunteers his time and skills as an officer with professional societies.

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