Mission to the edge of space is scheduled for this Sunday, June 26th!

The incredibly long series of weather delays have ended for the high-altitude balloon mission (Mission #200) with JP Aerospace – and our “Goodnight Moon Base” payload. This Sunday, June 26th, 2022, is the target date for the mission!

This mission started as a special bonus for the Kickstarter backers of GOODNIGHT MOON BASE. But there are a limited number of personalized cards in this payload available to others too.

Who can say they own an object that has gone into space? Not many people!

The high-altitude balloons of JP Aerospace get almost there… they climb up to approximately 100,000 feet – to the edge of the stratosphere. At this point, the balloon bursts. Then the payload descends back to Earth. When the atmosphere regains some density, a parachute deploys.

On this mission will be personalized cards of every Kickstarter backer for GOODNIGHT MOON BASE. You can have one of these cards too if you order one while they are available. Here is a view of the card and an actual photo of the view from a JP Aerospace mission to the edge of space:

Go to the website for GOODNIGHT MOON BASE to watch me explain more about this mission. Then look for the “SPACE CARD OFFER” button:

Dreams of going into space can fuel a lifetime of ambition. If you want your own personalized souvenir from the edge of space, contact me through my book’s website.

Follow me on social media this weekend as I join John “JP” Powell and his team with JP Aerospace as we head into the remote western desert in the US to launch this mission. I’ll use Twitter and Instagram as much as possible (without constant internet, so don’t expect a lot).

I look forward to giving you a first-hand account of this mission to the edge of space. Even more, I look forward to sending the card out to everyone who was supportive of this book when it was still a vision and a dream. Now, children across the globe go to bed with dreams of living and sleeping on our future moon base.

For a look at what this high-altitude balloon launch is like, watch this video from the previous mission in 2021:

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