Educational Resources to Help Your College-Bound Teen

From Brett — I’m happy to provide a helpful guest article from Patrick Young from If you have a teenager heading off to college soon (or are one yourself) then read on for many practical strategies for success.

If you have an older kid preparing for college admissions, the prospect of getting behind may have made them (and you) stressed or anxious. You can give your teen added encouragement and educational support if you take advantage of the different learning resources that are available for kids of all ages. Here, How to Be a Rocket Scientist offers some tips and suggestions on how to help your teen prepare.

Check out different online educational programs.

Find programs that can help supplement their learning and they’re interested in trying.

  • For parents worried about added expenses, there are a lot of great and tuition-free educational programs available online.
  • See what real-time supplemental distance learning options might be available, which is especially helpful for teens who need more one-on-one interaction.
  • Look into tutoring resources if your teen is struggling in a certain subject. 

Take some time to work on life skills.

The skills your kids will need when they head off for college go beyond the learning they acquire in the classroom – so take this opportunity to help them out!

  • Cooking – your kids should know the basics of meal prep so they can be more independent and save money.
  • Financial planning – teach your teen to budget, be credit-smart, save, balance a checkbook, and pay bills on time.
  • Housework – make sure your kids know how to do laundry, clean up after themselves, and take care of dishes.
  • Time management – your teen should understand the importance of setting, knowing, and following their own schedule, even without you being there to remind them.

How to help your kid stay engaged and positive.

In the year leading up to college, the amount of pressure teens experience tends to mount. To counteract this, look for ways to offer support.

  • Encourage study breaks. Even if your teen feels like they need to stick it out until they finish, help them understand that walking away and getting a breather will make them clearer-headed.
  • Make sure they’re getting exercise. Especially if they’re missing sports or gym time, be sure to help them find a way to get their heart rate up and stay active at home. Or prompt them to get outside for a few hours of skateboarding.
  • Remind them to practice good hygiene so they feel more confident and better about themselves.

It’s important to remember that college-bound teens often struggle with a variety of challenges. Be sure to offer support and encouragement right now, and help facilitate any necessary additional learning that can help your kid reach their full potential.

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