The mission with your space souvenir card launches this Sunday, May 22nd, 2022!

If you are a Kickstarter backer for GOODNIGHT MOON BASE, this is a major announcement to share. I recently received the word from John “JP” Powell at JP Aerospace that the weather conditions in the stratosphere have *finally* improved in the western USA. We have been waiting more than six months for this situation to happen.

Mission #200 with your payload is scheduled for this Sunday morning, May 22nd!

Among the payloads for this high-altitude balloon is a card with the name or names of your choice on it. Assuming all goes well, you will soon have a personalized artifact that has touched the edge of space and “seen” the curvature of the Earth from approximately 100,000 feet. The exact maximum altitude will be contained on your card.

I plan to join JP and his team in the Nevada desert this weekend. I’ll be doing my best to provide timely updates on social media and so will JP. On Twitter we are brettrocketsci and johnmpowell1. On Instagram we are goodnightmoonbase and johnmarchelpowell. Please follow us and turn on notifications if you use either of those platforms. If you prefer Facebook, we are howtobearocketscientist and jpaerospace.

Want to see what a high-altitude balloon launch of JP Aerospace is like? I was there for Mission #199 in 2021. Here is a video from me and another team member, Logan Siedel:

Disclaimers: Internet coverage at the launch site is unlikely. Updates will probably have to wait until I am back to civilization and the hotel.  And I can’t promise you’ll get the same updates on every platform. The more places you follow us, the better. 😉 

Have you ever wished you could hold an object that has traveled into space?

These payloads will get very close — somewhere near 100,000 feet above the Earth. It’s a unique way to connect a person to the world above and beyond.

I know there are a few children out there who plan to put this space souvenir under their pillow at night. 


Did you miss the Kickstarter campaign for Goodnight Moon Base? I have good news for you!

I was very fortunate to get a little additional weight allowance from JP for this mission. We have a few extra cards in the payload container! 

Go to this page on the website for the book. There is now a way for people to order the book directly from me. While quantities last, you can add the option to include one of these cards sent to the edge of space and back:

When you click that image to open the page with the space card offer, look at the number of cards remaining. It is counting down to zero as more people order their own personalized cards. Get your souvenir from the edge of space while you can!

It can serve as inspiration for your future journey into space with a project that you worked on yourself. Or maybe that payload going to space is you, yourself?

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