New opportunity for legal and ethics specialists in rocket science

We always love an opportunity to feature events and programs from our friends at FOR ALL MOONKIND. Michelle and Tim Hanlon lead this organization. It has made an incredible impact as a small organization such as facilitating nations to sign The Artemis Accords for responsible moon exploration and settlement, and being recognized as Permanent Observer in the United Nations. They also created the world’s largest, most accessible, and visual library of human artifacts on the moon with their Moon Registry.

Their latest awesome venture is the creation of the Institute on Space Law and Ethics.

For All Moonkind Institute on Space Law and Ethics

From their website:

For All Moonkind’s Institute on Space Law and Ethics promotes the articulation and development of an ethical foundation and framework for responsible space behavior. In so doing, the Institute seeks to reduce the potential for conflict and assure the sustainable exploration and use of space and its resources for the benefit of all humankind.

Our expansion into space affords humanity a unique opportunity to improve the human condition and set a better example for future generations. To be successful, space governance, including the interpretation of current space treaties, must be informed by ethical considerations.

The Institute serves as a platform for the exchange and innovation of ideas regarding law, morality, and ethics, amplifying diverse thoughts and opinions on the future of humanity in space. The Institute produces robust research and analysis on the myriad complex legal and ethical issues emanating from humanity’s transition to a multiplanetary and truly spacefaring species. The Institute aims to raise public awareness of, broaden civil discourse on, and encourage public support for space activities.

The people behind this are world-leaders in space law and ethics. Michelle Hanlon is also Co-Director of the Center for Air and Space Law and an instructor of aviation and space law at the University of Mississippi School of Law.  She is also the President of the National Space Society.  Michelle received her B.A. in Political Science from Yale College and her J.D. magna cum laude from the Georgetown University Law Center.  She earned her LLM in Air and Space Law from McGill University where the focus of her research was commercial space and the intersection of commerce and public law.

This is another outstanding example of the diverse opportunities in “rocket science.” Are you most passionate about the ethics and philosophy of human lunar expansion? What about the legal aspects of making a permanent settlement on our first cosmic body beyond Earth?

We need bright and honorable people to be working on these important issues. Learn about the Institute on Space Law and Ethics from For All Moonkind, and this could be the way you blaze a path into your own unique career in rocket science.

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