New opportunity for legal and ethics specialists in rocket science

We always love an opportunity to feature events and programs from our friends at FOR ALL MOONKIND. Michelle and Tim Hanlon lead this organization. It has made an incredible impact as a small organization such as facilitating nations to sign The Artemis Accords for responsible moon exploration and settlement, and being recognized as Permanent Observer […]

FORMAL UPDATE & STATEMENT: My Books Are Not Available on Amazon Until Further Notice

Dear aerospace / aviation pursuers and learners (and all others impacted by books that I have produced or published on your behalf), I have regretful and uncomfortable news to share. Yesterday, on. May 25th, 2021, I was sent an email from Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) that began like this: Hello, We are terminating your […]

From rocket science to drones – this new book on drones is delivering value 2

Hello friends and champions of innovative aerospace career trajectories! If you are paying any attention at all to our world, you know that unmanned aerial systems (UAS) – or drones as they are commonly called – are a revolutionizing our world much like the airplane revolutionized our world in the early 1900’s. We have serious […]

Removing friction from communication

Effective communication is essential for aerospace projects.  And this humbitous website.  Real communication is a two-way exchange.  That’s what an open and active dialog of ideas is, and that’s what we need here. So I’ve changed the settings to allow anyone to post comments to the blog posts, whether or not you’ve subscribed.  There is […]