One epic lesson from Star Wars The Force Awakens to help you in your career journey

star wars

My family and I just saw The Force Awakens at the theater today.  No spoilers for you here–but I’m thrilled to say it was very worthy and epic as a Star Wars movie! It continued the story we all know, and made me want to see what happens next.

Which brings me to an important lesson for all of us as we journey through our own mission in the universe.  We will have to tell stories to other people.  In modern venues, those have become presentations.  But the most effective presentations are more like stories.  And not just any story–an EPIC story.

If you want a guaranteed successful formula for your next presentation, go back to my post from exactly one year ago about how to make your presentations resonate with an epic structure.  You will see a strong similarity to this and every Star Wars movie.  That isn’t any coincidence!

If you are a passionate fan of Star Wars I think you’ll find The Force Awakens has continued the tradition admirably well.  Want to share your thoughts about it with a comment below?  Go ahead!  But don’t reveal any spoilers for the rest of the readers!

May the force of an epic presentation structure be with you, my friend.

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