presentation skills

UAV demo on Capitol Hill shows the power of drama 2

People from 3D Robotics, a leading company in the UAV and robotics business, were on Capital Hill of the U.S. this week to give a testimony about UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles).  This link from the Washington Post shows a video of the demo, including a minor “crash.” The best presentations you deliver as a rocket […]

Make your presentations resonate with an epic structure 3

In yesterday’s post we saw a hilarious demonstration of how NOT to use PowerPoint or give presentations.  Maybe you recognize some of yourself or your own presentations in there? What if you could learn from the masters–not just of PowerPoint presentations, but of the best epic tales and speeches in history? Your audience may not […]

Fun Friday: death by powerpoint 3

As engineers and scientists, we deal with complex and technical subjects.  We also need to communicate effectively with others on these topics.  PowerPoint can be a useful tool, but too often it becomes a weapon with collateral damage against your audience.  Here is a hilarious video from stand-up comedian Don McMillan from 2010 about how […]