UAV demo on Capitol Hill shows the power of drama 2

People from 3D Robotics, a leading company in the UAV and robotics business, were on Capital Hill of the U.S. this week to give a testimony about UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles).  This link from the Washington Post shows a video of the demo, including a minor “crash.”

The best presentations you deliver as a rocket scientist or aerospace professional will not really be presentations at all.  They will be demonstrations!  Imagine if the 3D Robotics people had just brought a PowerPoint presentation about UAVs…ugh!  That would be a presentation fail, much bigger than the UAV crash that we saw here.

Of course, doing a live, interactive demonstration with your products (or a simulation of it) carries risks.  It might not work.  Something might break.  You definitely want safety at all times!  But a multi-sensory, immersive experience will be most effective with your audience.  It will give you the biggest impact and highest rewards for your message.  And your career!

Every time you give a presentation, think about how you can add some realistic drama, demonstrations, or multi-sensory experiences into the event.  Get your audience out of the room if you have to.  Or get them out of their seats!  This will give your message real power.  And it will separate you from all of the other typical two-dimensional presentations that most of us have to sit through.

Take care and take charge!

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2 thoughts on “UAV demo on Capitol Hill shows the power of drama

  • Robert

    Great Post Brett, UAV’s have sparked controversy everywhere, I hope we can also bring to light some of the awesome life saving, safety, and beneficial attributes that UAV’s could bring to our lives and societies