Girls flying a drone

How to get started with drones 2

Aerial drones (or unmanned aerial vehicles – UAVs) are destined to transform our world.  Through industry, academia, recreation, sports, movies, transportation… they are a disruptive innovation that will be used in all of these areas. If you loved computers or computer programming ten years ago, and were looking for a long term career path, what […]

Find interviews with UAV leaders at DroneFlo

One of the most exciting and promising sectors in the aerospace industry is unmanned aircraft (or drones or Unmannned Air Vehicles – UAVs). Drone Flo is a website with many exclusive interviews with people taking charge and taking the lead in this rapidly evolving sector.  While we’re throwing out some acronyms, you should know that […]

UAV demo on Capitol Hill shows the power of drama 2

People from 3D Robotics, a leading company in the UAV and robotics business, were on Capital Hill of the U.S. this week to give a testimony about UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles).  This link from the Washington Post shows a video of the demo, including a minor “crash.” The best presentations you deliver as a rocket […]

Fun Friday: quadrotor laser light dance show

What can you create when you combine 16 quadrotors with theater and multimedia production crew?  Watch and enjoy this performance of “Meet Your Creator” from the 2012 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

The number of quadrotor air show videos on the web are starting to overtake the videos from traditional airshows.  When do you think we’ll see this new type of airshow become a regular and official form of attraction?  This night time performance of 49 quadcopters in an Austrian plaza would justify a respectable admission price in my opinion.  I know I would pay to see and hear this in person.

Of course, a money-making venture with quadrotors (or any UAV) in the US is restricted now without approval from the FAA, as you will learn from the “Know before your fly” campaign which I wrote about in my earlier post here.  But other countries have different conditions.  And it’s only a matter of time before we will have a very healthy and vibrant (and income-producing) community of UAV entrepeneurs in the US.  UAVs with outdoor concerts would be a fun and lucractive niche for some future aerospace professionals out there.  Could you be one of them?  Maybe someone in your classroom, school, or family?  Watch and enjoy the shows that have been done by others and then imagine what you would love to do or see.


Know this before you fly your new gift UAV 3

Time for another PSA (Public Service Announcement) and success tip for all eager rocket scientists!  The FAA, AUVSI, AMA, and Small UAV Coalition have created a program called “Know Before You Fly” for all of you personal UAV owners and pilots out there. If you want to stay an amateur or a hobbiest, you might […]

new aerospace markets push the envelope of paradox

A subscribers to this blog know, the paperback version of How To Be a Rocket Scientist is in the works.  (And they are thinking about their free bonus gift too.)  The paperback will have additional resources and improvements based on reactions and feedback so far.  Let’s mention three of them here and give more context. […]

Is GoPro an aerospace company? 4

GoPro an aerospace company?  Not now.  Maybe someday.  But before then, they will probably be hiring aerospace engineers!  See the article below which talks about their plans to get into consumer UAVs (I avoid the word drones). As I explain in my book with Tip #2, aerospace (or rocket science) has become much different and […]