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One of the most exciting and promising sectors in the aerospace industry is unmanned aircraft (or drones or Unmannned Air Vehicles – UAVs). Drone Flo is a website with many exclusive interviews with people taking charge and taking the lead in this rapidly evolving sector.  While we’re throwing out some acronyms, you should know that PAV is Personal Air Vehicle.  PAVs are destined to be a huge subset of the UAV and drone industry just in themselves.

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DroneFlo also has news highlights and other coverage from the drone industry.

Remember! Tip #3 in my book How To Be a Rocket Scientist is “Associate with people in the field.” And Tip #9 is “Find a Mentor“.  You can accomplish both of these tips in a virtual fashion by reading interviews with leaders in the field of your dreams. (hat tip to Kevin Costner!)  Fly over to DroneFlo and learn more about the people and projects that are blazing new trails in aerospace.

How might you join them?  Tell me what you would love to do with drones in a comment below!

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